In case if you didn’t know, SEO is one of the burning issues online in the recent times. Not because SEO is some kind of a criminal act but because the concept of online technology is nothing without SEO. Earlier most of us didn’t know that something like SEO existed. But now that it has come to the surface all of us are talking about it. But taking into concern the welfare of the people who are yet to understand the incarnation of SEO, let’s take it from scratch.

Wordpress and SEO

What is SEO and how it works?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. All of us know what a search engine is. There are a lot of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so on. The term search engine has gone way too synonymous with Google though there are many other search engines. So let us stick to Google to explain the concept better. The numerous searches that you make today and the endless answers that a search engine spews are all this isn’t possible without the idea of SEO.

When you look up for something online, Google processes the search and comes out with a list of related sites that can possibly answer your query. This is where SEO plays a major role. It optimizes your site and makes sure that your site ranks better and gains better visibility among other sites. Every site has a grammar with which it has to function. This is what SEO tries to achieve. You keep optimizing the site as much as possible so that you gain a number of visitors. So what if you ignore the optimization process, Google will simply ignore your site and the visibility rate decreases and drops down to nil.

Why is it important?

Most people who are in the initial stages of understanding SEO ask why they should optimize their site, and why search engines demand a site be optimized. Do not misunderstand, optimizing is not an act that has to be done out of coercion or compulsion. That is how the algorithm in a search engine works. How else will a search engine find if your site is relevant and deserves to show up on the first page of search page? When a query is placed in a search engine, a large number of sites might answer the same query, but only the well-optimized ones show up first. This is done taking the satisfaction of the client and the service quality of the search engine into concern.

How to optimize a site?

A lot of applications and plug-ins help you to achieve the act of optimizing your site. Initially, there are a set of basic conditions you have to satisfy in order to help your site rank better. When your site ranks better, your viewership increases and this in turn positively impacts the ranking of the page. This is a kind of a vicious circle, and it keeps going around.