Starting a business is never easy, especially if you are new to the market.

There are a variety of factors that may limit you to achieve greatness. The goal of any business is to make profit from the products being offered to the market.

Creating a new brand of product to present to the market is also a daunting task since it has to be unique so as not to get sued by your competition.

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In order to succeed in the corporate world, creativity is your best asset if you really want to reach the top. Even big corporations of today started out from somewhere and if it were not for being creative on how operations are carried out, then things would have been very different. Funding is a major issue for any business starting up but that is not a problem because you can still make it by effective awareness of your product.

You do not necessarily need to have the money or get yourself into debt so as to advertise your product. The biggest investment you can make is just your time and everything will be sure to work out. Advertisement of the product is the sure way of reaching out to prospective customers who are the foundation of the business. Some of the ways you can use to create buzz about your product at zero cost include:

Search Engine Optimization

These days, when people want to buy a product, they first search it on Google. We are living in a society where google is your best friend and for any questions and clarification that you may want, they can easily be acquired from the net. Customers just search for the vendor of the product online to see if they meet their desires. In the event that your website is not appearing in top google searches, it basically means you are virtually non-existent. So as to fix this problem, you have to be well versed in search engine optimization techniques so that you rank higher on search engines.

Local Business Listing On Google

When people decide to try out your product, they need to know how they can get in touch with you. Getting listed on Google Local is an effective way to spread awareness on the where the business is situated. Google shows results tailored to show your location in terms of your address, contact information and even GPS to direct you straight to the front door of the business. You can give relevant information about your business here for easy access by prospective customers.

Forum Posting

When people are unable to figure out the solution to certain problems they have, they usually turn to internet forums for answers. There are large forums which are a great source to find new customers which actually save time as compared to posting on smaller forums. Creating accounts on these forums can really help since you contribute to common discussions as you answer questions on the various uses of the product as you recommend the product to users.

You should be brief and be careful not to spam the site which may lead you to lose customers instead. Since it is a new product, offering discounts and freebies can be the best approach as you acquire testimonials and reviews from the users. If all goes well, referrals are possible to occur making you acquire more customers.

Social Media

Social media is the best platform to spread awareness about your product considering it is free and open to everybody. Facebook and Twitter are the best places to acquire more customers given that you can interact with them and get feedback about your products. Posting regularly is key in order to gain loyal subscribers who later convert to customers.

Showcasing The Product On YouTube

The number of videos played on YouTube on a daily basis is over four billion with the number steadily growing every day. Therefore, uploading a video of your product makes a lot of sense. Recording and uploading a short demo will do wonders since the clip will appear in search results. You can create a channel after you upload multiple videos. Depending on your creativity, the video can go viral leading to your inbox flooding with requests.

Press Releases

This is an age old method where you will write a press release article and submit it to sites for distribution. This way, you will just have to wait for the article to circulate letting the buzz to roll in by itself. The article needs to be brief so as not to lose the interest of readers.